Be Real With Your Income

Be Real With Your Income

Do you know your worth? Do you know exactaly what you earn? Can you answer this?…..

What lands in your bank account every week, fortnight or month from your employer to the nearest dollar?

I know exactly what comes in almost to the dollar each month. And if it doesn’t appear… I’m onto my debtors straight away asking where the money is and saying how much it should be. As a Business Owner, this is crucial for us as it’s always about the bottom line.  If you run your personal finances much the same, you will always be a winner with money.

Just be sure you control what goes out and that it’s LESS than what comes in!

I am amazed that I still see clients with more going out!

Business owners and new start-up companies are the ONLY people with a MILD excuse to be running in losses – for a brief period!

Just Don’t DO IT.

This also correlates directly with your self-worth, as the longer and more you go backwards into debt and run in losses, the less you value what’s important to you in life. It’s a very clear indication to a Financial Adviser that you are not in control of your money and that you need some fundamental help rather than investment help! Getting your fundamentals right is the starting point and this is it.

Check your payslips are correct and include super or not. Check if your super is being paid and ensure your tax is accurate and you’ve completed the correct tax declaration form.

Ask your payroll for assistance to understand your payslip. Too many times I have requested what clients earn and they say a VERY overinflated version of the truth.

Be real!


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