If the shoe fits, wear it!

If the shoe fits, wear it!

Often clients say they are uncomfortable with investing in the share market.  They think its too risky. They feel they can lose it all when the market crashes, or better yet, they believe the cost of investing to be too high a price to pay!  Huh!! I think, are these really words from educated women?

If we went and bought a pair of shoes for $125 and the exact pair we love is on sale for $95, would you buy them?  Yes.

So instead of showing your total naivety or lack of financial confidence, just wear it. Accept that we simply have not had the guidance to learn about the share market nor understand it!  That’s actually okay!  Because where were we supposed to learn about it?  School? Hardly. Parents? Probably not.  Friends? Maybe.  In books? Possibly.  It’s not entirely our fault that we have not grasped Investing 101, unless we’ve had the opportunity in our life to actively have searched for the right advice, and let’s face it, there is so much information (or noise) on the Internet these days that you simply can’t differentiate credible from non-credible resources.  One thing that can be done to is seek out a financial literacy programs, books or academies to assist you with the “serious lack of financial education offered in Australia”.

Start now, be real, and get the financial education you deserve.  The easiest way to understand investing, which our school kids now understand better than us, may I add (being told very clearly by school boys at Varsity College in my share market presentation to them) that in order to make money investing in the share market one has to buy low and sell high!

Ladies, we understand this well.  Buy when things are on a discount, do the bargain hunting and research first, and then simply enjoy the shoes for their short-lived duration!

Now go buy some shares with that hard-earned cash!!


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