You’d Insure your Car but Not Your Life… WTF?

You'd Insure your Car but Not Your Life... WTF?

Having The Right Personal Insurance

Often clients proudly explain all the insurances they have in place, car, boat, health, pet, house and contents, but when it comes to their personal insurances, I get many varied blank stares!
This throws me every time as these are material things they have insured and not considered the effect on their family should they become ill or injured and no longer able to earn an income.
Those material things would all be taken away if there was nothing provided for covering personal insurance.
I am not really sure why this mentality stands, perhaps a marketing faux pas on the Personal Insurers but its certainly time to change the thinking behind insurance and what kinds of insurance should be considered most valuable. As financial strategist there are many ways to look at personal insurance and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. 

Its simply a discussion that needs to be had. And the question… 
What do you value most?

Knowing you’re covered for what life has in store can really take a load off your mind. Our no-nonsense guide to personal insurance can get you on the right track to choosing cover that gives you peace of mind.



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